Jennifer Pan

Associate Professor
Dept. of Communication
Stanford University

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Current Teaching - Stanford University

COMM 382b: Research in Computational Social Science (graduate seminar)

COMM 158/258: Censorship and Propaganda in the Digital Age (undergraduate lecture)

COMM 382: Big Data and Causal Inference (graduate lecture)

COMM 157/257: Information Control in Authoritarian regimes (undergraduate lecture)

COMM 106/206: Research Methods (undergraduate lecture)

Past Teaching - Harvard University

GOV 1280: Government and Politics of China (teaching fellow for Nara Dillon)

GOV 2001: Advanced Quantitative Research Methodology (teaching fellow for Gary King)

GOV 20: Foundations of Comparative Politics (teaching fellow for Steve Levitsky)

Math Prefresher for Political Scientists (lecturer for incoming PhD students)